The elegant men and women that wear Noble Wilde demand perfectly crafted garments of comfort and enduring quality. Noble Wilde style is effortlessly understated. This quiet confidence is the hallmark of many years refining our clothing until it represents the epitome of sophistication. Our promise is luxury without compromise. We do not compromise on the quality of our materials, our craftsmanship, or our ethics. We do not expect you to compromise on comfort, fit, elegance or durability. 

Our garments are heirlooms, as beautiful and timeless as they are desirable. The subtle Noble Wilde colour palette is inspired by the natural beauty of the New Zealand landscape, the hues of sea, sky and stone. Over everything falls our golden southern light, the sun of our long summer evenings. Noble Wilde garments are not for everyone. They are for those people who, like you, appreciate the best our world has to offer.


Our story starts over a hundred years ago, when possums were introduced to New Zealand as a farming experiment. With no natural predators and a landscape bursting with lush flora and fauna, the possum flourished. It now represents a serious ecological threat, stripping native forest and endangering the habitat that many of New Zealand’s unique bird species depend on. For over three decades Noble Wilde has perfected the blending of two of the most exceptional natural fibres in the world, the dense silken wool of Merino, and the luxuriant fur of the possum. Exquisite in themselves, together these materials form a velvety soft yarn, unsurpassed in warmth and durability. Merino and possum have outstanding qualities, tactile, functional and ethical. We deliver luxury without compromise.